By reading them you will know me.

C.V. Metodo per Cambiare Vita in modo intelligente

2016, Edizioni Alkemia Books
ISBN 978-88-98191-37-6 (paperback)
978-88-98191-38-3 (ebook)

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I decided writing C.V. because during the time I was studying the strategy for my downshifting, I was always looking for books or articles that could show me pros and cons in my changing intention, but I didn’t use to find reliable texts on which I can identify with.

Little by little, I started feeling the need to explain what happened to me, how I have overcome the two failed attempts of change: I wanted to tell what I have learned and how, thanks to my mistakes, I get to achieve my goal.

I wanted to do it through a brief manual, amenable, true and sincere, that I would love to find on a kiosk at the airport while I was traveling and trying to fulfil my dream.


I was convinced that writing a book was easy.
I love to talk, and I thought that simply writing my long speeches (sometimes monologues) and my opinions, I would have infinite literary material.

I was wrong.
Writing a book is very complicated.
Turn ideas into words, retelling events, dialogues, personal stories and – most of all – feelings and emotions, takes a lot of work, a lot of willingness to learn from those that really know writing. That is possible by reading many books, but it’s also necessary learn from the professionals. I did my best and I am still studying to improve my literary abilities.

In my book C.V. pragmatism prevails, the earnest on planning a changing strategy tailor-made for everyone, without wasting money and time.

Stands out my most “severe” side, almost grumpy (just as Genoese often are).
While I was writing it, I “sacrificed” the most narrative part, the most sentimental and emotional, to focus on the “practical instructions”.


The “sacrificed” material has been “sublimated” on the book “Living in Flip Flops”, that remains waiting for a publisher.

Between their pages are my emotions, my deepest and personal feelings: that is why I want to do things well, without any rush, to look for the best way to publish it keeping its sincere spirit.
It is my “treasure map”, my recipe to build a new life: salted as water sea tears and sounding laughs as the waves accompanied me while I was writing it.


“I have just read it, a friend recommended it. I appreciated a lot the calm and the intellectual honesty. Are precious words, they guide through the possibility of observing your own life from an unprecedented perspective, and decide where to go then. To become aware of this is the first step on change. I don’t know if I will get to change my attitude, but your words have made turned in me the desire for a new light that I expect doesn’t fade.

I recommend this book to whoever is able to face the reality and those who want to know how to bear whatever might happen when “striping” ... I do not recommend it to those that use to hide its head in the sand or who is afraid to admit that fairy tales doesn’t exists.

I like the realistic approach and your way of facing downshifting, that doesn’t hide from the difficulties but shows us how to overcome them, and explains that not everyone can afford that change, that discovery and that sense of release.

I’m writing you because you hit me like a lightning. Your story fascinates me, I identify with your thoughts, your actions and your doubts, you finally made it, you have been great and tenacious. I admire you because I’d like, as you did, “bit life”, find joy on beautiful things, enjoy the sun, water, air and fire of life.

Hi Laura,
I just bought your book; I don’t know why, or maybe I do, but I’m still looking for the right answer.
What I’ve read until now on your website provides me with confidence and hope.

Hi Laura, I have just read your book. I have found many items to think about; I have found answers to some of my concerns, congratulations for your change...

Thank you for writing a book that helps me, and especially that helps my credit cards…

Thank you, your book made me think about many things... thanks to your book I have a better idea about what I will do...

Hello: I want to change my life, I can identify with many parts of your story. I will follow your example... congratulations!


Still looking for a suitable publisher...
I want to do things right, without any rush and find the best way to publish it, maintaining its sincere spirit.


“It shows yours studies performed to learn to write better. It can be seen the authenticity of your emotions. While I was reading it, I was all the time with you, living your fears and your joy in my heart”.
G (teacher, friend and a great reader)

“It is really you, I recognize your sweetest part, truly and authentic, what sometimes you are afraid to express”.
M (my husband)

“You have managed to convey what you have felt, through many details that led me by your stories. I have just realized that you are not only able to write cold and controlled work documents, and I have very clear that your tenacity is the best of your talents”.
G. (friend and ex co-worker)