about me

My name is Laura Carbone and you can know me through my path towards change, that has driven me to a happy “downshifting”.

I was born in 1972 in Genova, city of which I’m inlove with.
During aproximatelly 20 years I had a respectable job on a prestigious European Bank.

In 2011 I realize that I could not stand any other minute of this way of working, far from my main values (sincerity and honesty, that is) and to spend my days close to people with whom, if I could choose, would not share even a minute on a lift (the quick ones, on skyscrapers).


I stopped to reflect, and thought:

“Is this the way that I deserve spending best days and years of my life?”

From that moment on, I spend the following two years analizing and studying my financial resourses, my talents and particularly what I think is essencial for myself.
At last I quit my job and started to “live in flip flops” in Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, where now I am the owner of my own time and work is not my life obsesion anymore.

I have the title of Master Practicioner de NLP™, approved by the International Society of NLP™: in coaching, in addition to my skills, I offer all I’ve learned during 20 years of work on complex scenarios, and most of all my personal change/downshifting.


I use to repeat offently to those that start a process of coaching with me:

“It doesn’t matter where you are, but how do you feel: for changing your life you don’t necesarily have to move from your house or from your country, but surely you will have to start a self-concious journey in order to understand what helds responsible for your malaise”.

I written two books about my story: “ C.V. Metodo per Cambiare Vita in modo intelligente” (C.V. Method to change of life on a smart way) already published, y “Vivere in ciabatte” (“Living in flip flops”) still looking for the most convenient publisher.


I think that each one of us is born with a certain amount of lies to be told: I have used up mines on my profesional past, so now I only tell the truth.

Even though now is easyer telling that everybody can change of life, I choosed to tell my two past unsuccessful attempts of “change of life” (in Cabo Verde and in Brasil), whereupon I realize that “head for adventure”, without analysis and detailed planning, pose a risk to change, but for worst.

My writings reveal my Genoese side, maybe bitter, ironic, comic, irreverent, but always honest and “for the better”.


My change of life started 10 years ago, when a friend of mine forced me to read a book. Until then, I was convinced to be always right, “knowing it all”, being misunderstood and an inocent victim. Always fussy and grumpy, I could complain the whole day (just like genoeses do). I was unable to ask myself the right questions, and was skilful on blaming other for what only depends on me. I couldn’t stand any more my job, my colleagues and more or less all my clients.

I did not want to understand my feelings, or better said I hided them because I was afraid that showing them could make me look weaker.

I always feel a “knot in my throat”, a feeling of insatisfaction that led me to spend my salary and go overboard, buying expensive stuff and designer garments, that formed a pile in my wardrobe and that most of the times I did not even wear.

The more I felt my professional life was not satisfying me the way I thought I deserved, the more my credit cards passed through the cashier shops, and I used to say to myself:

“I basicaly deserve this, with all that I have to go through..”

I started understanding that I needed a change, when I was 35 years old, thanks to that famous book: it was about NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)
After that I have read many more books, I study and practice the NLP since more than 10 years and that really changed my life.

As a coach I invite whom work with me to start a path of self-awareness, to “look himselves from outside” develop critical thinking.

What I like most is that all that is needed to do it we already have it as “standard equipment” : our brain!
It only takes to understand how does it works and learn to “make it work” to get what is really needed.


Someody asked me how long it will last my smile in Fuerteventura.

I still dont know, but what I know is that if staying here and do what I do here will become bad for me linking me, I will decide to leave and do something else.
I train flexibility day after day, which is essential for me, and that will be with me through my changes in the future.

I know that I can cope with all will happen to me and I will face every change, because I will be able to see it as an opportunity, and not like something frightening.